This page provides you with all administrative forms, payment options, and more.  Should you have any questions regarding your fee’s, payments or any of the forms provided in this page, please contact our team bookkeeper, Kati Dawson.


Also, please note that the structure of our team is also provided on this page.

New Piranha Member Packet

This packet contains all the release forms, documents and information for new swimmers.

New Piranha Packet

Payment Options Form

This form contains the different payment options.

Piranha Payment Form

Red Hawk Release Form

This is the release form for those who will be training at Red Hawk.  This form is only for those who have not filled one out in the past.  The pool manager keeps all forms from the past  year on file, so if you've swam at Red Hawk with the Piranhas in the past year, you do not need to fill out another one.

Red Hawk Release Form

Athlete Protection Policies & Rules

Protecting our young athletes is all of our responsibility, as coaches, volunteers and parents. In order to create a positive experience and a safe environment for athletes, USA Swimming’s Code of Conduct provides specific, mandatory policies that must be followed at all levels of the organization. Policies are enforceable by the National Board of Review process. Consequences for breaking a policy include but are not limited to, revocation of membership.

USA Swimming’s Code of Conduct