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Sparks Piranhas Schedules

In this section, you’ll find current team schedules for daily practices in the “practice schedule”.


There is also a list of upcoming meets and special events for the team provided in the “meet and event schedule” page.  Please note that the meet schedule is designated as “short course” and “long course”.

  •  “short course” is designated as such

       because most meets during this the time

       period of September thru April are swum in

       a 25 yard pool, such as the length of the

       Fitness Connection and Alf Sorensen


  •  “long course” is designated as such because

       most meets during this time period of April

       thru August are swum in a 50 meter pool,

       much as you would see in the Olympics.


Finally, in this section you will find a helpful list of links which are quick access to some swimming web pages that you may find useful!

Quick Links

Sign up for meets at OME-Swim Connection!

Sign up for an account at

Sierra Nevada Swim Connection

Find meet information, time standards and more at Sierra Nevada Swimming!

Find time standards, swimmer times and more at USA Swimming!

Find meet information, time standards and more at

Pacific Swimming!

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