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Information for State

10&Under kids, please arrive at the pool no later than 12:40 pm! Please be sure to be on-time!

For those that ordered State Swim Caps, we appreciate your patience. We are hoping they get delivered tomorrow. Once we have them, we will get them to you ASAP! Thank you to everybody who signed up for timing! I really appreciate everybody volunteering so quickly! Every slot is currently full. If you did not sign up, please let me know and we can have you replace somebody who may be timing more than once. 11&Older Finals -- we currently don't know what time finals will take place, however, we will have the same timing chairs we have during the morning. We will have a sign up sheet at that time! Reminders from our Host:

  • The community center which is adjacent to the aquatic center will be open at 1:00pm on Thursday, November 9th. Please do not block walkways that will be marked for fire exists. Also, please CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELVES; which will allow us to leave our chairs, etc each night.

  • Parking might be tight over the weekend at the pool and community center but there is ample parking across the street at the library and Bank of America.

  • And finally, with many people in one place at one time, please BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER!

  • All pool decks will be closed to chairs, sleeping bags, tents, cots, etc...this includes the outdoor pool deck. Bleachers will be available in the indoor facility. The Community Center will also be available for chairs, sleeping bags, cots, etc...PLEASE remind your teams that it is THEIR responsibility to clean up after themselves and to stay clear of the walkways. If the team areas in the Community Center are not kept clean, there will be good chance that all items must be taken overnight in order to clean floors.

  • There will be ample parking at the pool, Community Center and adjacent library.

  • There will be a fully stocked snack bar/grille, Keva Juice, HERO bars (Friday & Satrurday), NorCal Swim shop, Northwest Design T-shirt vendor, Joyln suits, and Zoom Photography to meet all you weekend needs!

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