Practice Updates for this Week

Monday AM - No Groups will meet at Red Hawk Tuesday AM - No Groups will meet at Red Hawk Wednesday AM - Varsity practice will be from 7:00-8:30 am Wednesday PM - Varsity has no practice Thursday PM - Varsity may come in at anytime between 4-6 to Alf's and just do a meet warm up Friday AM - No practices at Red Hawk Friday PM - No practices at Fitness for 10, but all groups will be normally scheduled at Fitness Connection Saturday - No practices for any Groups due to Swim Meets

Team Break and New Practice Schedule

Please remember we have our Team Break beginning August 6 through August 14 - no practices for any groups during this time. Our New Practice Schedule begins Wednesday, August 15! Practice Schedule

Short Course Meet Schedule

Our Short Course Meet Schedule as we begin our new swim season! The updated schedule is located on our website. Meet Schedule

Billing Reminders and Updates

At the parent meeting I went over some billing items that were staying the same and some that were being revised or updated. August - most families will see their annual administration fee on this upcoming bill ($120) (Families who began with us after August of last year, your administration fee will show up on your anniversary month. Example, your 1st swimmer began in March, the admin fee will show up in the month of March.) 2nd and 3rd Swimmer dues have increased $10 per month USA Swimming fees are billed in November or December and these are per swimmer (currently $90 per swimmer) Your contract with the Sparks Piranhas is a year long contract, and all dues are paid in full each month; h

High Country Championships - Sign Up!

High Country Championship meet will be closing on 7/25/18, earlier if they hit a maximum number of entries. I forgot to announce this meet earlier. Please sign up right away if you plan on attending the meet! This is a SCY, Short Course Yards meet - 25 Yards (same length as Alf Sorensen and Fitness Connection Pools). NT, or No Times, won't be accepted for this entry. Please talk to your coach if you need a time to enter. Thank you! High Country Championships (SCY Meet) Minden, NV Meet Sheet

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