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Billing Reminders and Updates

At the parent meeting I went over some billing items that were staying the same and some that were being revised or updated.

  • August - most families will see their annual administration fee on this upcoming bill ($120) (Families who began with us after August of last year, your administration fee will show up on your anniversary month. Example, your 1st swimmer began in March, the admin fee will show up in the month of March.)

  • 2nd and 3rd Swimmer dues have increased $10 per month

  • USA Swimming fees are billed in November or December and these are per swimmer (currently $90 per swimmer)

  • Your contract with the Sparks Piranhas is a year long contract, and all dues are paid in full each month; however, in the event you should need to miss practices for a month, we will reduce your monthly dues for THAT MONTH by 50%. When you return full-time, your dues will be at the normal rate. I need to be notified by the 15th of the prior month so I can update the billing.

  • Meet Fees are charged when your swimmer(s) signs up for a meet, whether or not they attend.

  • $5.00 for meets in the area - Carson, Minden, Reno, Truckee

  • $15.00 for meets "over the hill" - Folsom, Roseville, Redding, etc

  • $25.00 are for other meets - Phoenix, Washington, Western Zones, etc.

  • Monthly Dues are due on the 25th of the month and I appreciate the on-time payments!

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