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NNA AGO Meet Information

NNA has shirts and hoodies for sale! Please be sure to read this entire e-mail as it has a lot of important information for the NNA Meet. Please keep it handy.

The NNA Meet has filled up and is now closed to any entries. This year, in order to maintain COVID guidelines, shirts and hoodies will only be made available online and NOT at the swim meet. Orders must be placed by March 14th. The shirts will be delivered to the coaches at the meet for pick up. It has been stated there is a limited number of shirts and hoodies. Here is the website: (Pictures are below the Meet Information.)Please remember parking is hard to find around Northwest Pool. Please drop your swimmer off in front of the pool while you find parking so your swimmer doesn't have to walk much before the meet. You need to set up where they mark off Sparks Piranhas (SPKS) for this meet.

It is very important your swimmer(s) checks in on-time and at the correct table.

Check in Table: Desk B, across from the area reserved for us.

Morning group arrive no later than 8:15 am and check in for your events at 8:30 am

Afternoon group arrive no later than 1:45 pm and check in for your events at 2:00 pm

Warm-ups will be after check in. Please hang around the area so they are on time for warming up in the pool. There is a very strict schedule. If your swimmer is late, they won't be able to warm up before the meet. Be sure everybody is wearing their mask!More Meet Information

REVISED SCHEDULE/MEET SHEET - There are more 13 and over swimmers than they expected, so they modified the meet sheet to extend the 13 and over session. It's attached. Revised Meet Sheet

CHECK IN and PARK CAMPING - Please note that they need to keep teams together and socially distanced as much as possible. No one is allowed to camp in the pool deck, in the park only. Take a look at the setups on the sheet. Spots will be marked for teams when you arrive. Also note that we have alternating check in times with 2 separate tables listed - should be pretty self explanatory. Setup Sheet

WARM UPS - They have to comply with the 75 person capacity guidelines during warmups. They have split up warmups in different sessions. Your swimmer(s) will need to arrive on time and be ready for the warmups. I'll send a separate e-mail letting you know what time to arrive so the swimmers are ready to warm up together.

TIMERS - We have 3 chairs we are assigned: 3a, 3b, and 4a. I will send out a signup sheet as soon as I have the timeline for the meet. Timers need to have a negative covid test at some point. We do not ask timers to show us the test because of HIPPA rules, but do ask that they bring a copy of it with them in case a health official is on site and asks to see them.


1 - Announcer announces meet events and heats 4 -5 heats early.

2 - Swimmers come to the patio 2 heats early and line up in spots marked with their lane number

3 - When the swimmers from the prior heat leave the blocks, swimmers will enter the building and proceed to the blocks to swim

4 - After their swim they can see their coach inside the building and/or complete a couple of cool down laps (please try to keep it as short as possible)

5 - Then they proceed back out to the park to keep the number of people in the facility low

RIBBONS AND HIGH POINT - Will be delivered to teams after the meet.


  • Masks are required in the facility

  • Anyone in the facility needs a negative COVID test at some point (doesn't matter when, but vaccines or antibody tests do not satisfy the Governor's Directive on swim meets).

  • As of now, no spectators are allowed


  • Heat and Lane assignments will be pre-seeded and posted on Meet Mobile. Coaches will have Heat and Lane assignment sheets, and we will have some for a small fee if parents want one. They will not be posted.

  • Results will also appear on Meet Mobile, and Coaches will receive a results sheet as soon as possible.

  • A live webstream link will be available on the NNA website, but note that the park wifi will likely be saturated, and it's very hard to watch on a phone screen anyway. Parents can get a little view from the park watching through the glass windows, but can not come inside.

  • No food will be available for parents and swimmers, and the State does not allow food sharing. Please insure families have food and drinks. We will be providing lunch and snacks for coaches and meet staff.

  • The rules state that bathrooms visits must be kept short and can not be used for changing.

It is very important to follow these rules so we can get approved for other meets in the future! Thank you so much!


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