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NNA Meet Information for this Weekend

Arrival Times 10 & Under (AM Session) Please arrive at the pool by 7:15 am. Warm-ups begin at 7:30 am. 11 & Over (PM Session) Please arrive at the pool by 10:45 am. Warm-ups begin at 11:00 am (or right after AM Session ends). Relays Please note there are relays at this meet! Unfortunately we weren't able to get everybody into a relay, but a lot of kids are participating. Please stick around after your events and bring cash to pay for the relay(s). Coach Atsuko will probably be collecting the money at the meet. She will let you swimmer know if they are in a relay this weekend. Relays are $2.25 per swimmer. Timing For those of you attending the NNA Age Group Open Meet, please be sure to sign up for timing! We have Lane 6 - 3 chairs. The meet is not very long, but may require parents to time more than one hour, unless we have enough parents to fill the slots. Please sign up using this link: First Time Swimmers (at a meet) If this is your swimmer's first time attending a meet, I hope you won't have to sign up for timing as you will need to help your child get to and from the coaches and events. If we don't have enough parents, we will ask for your help, especially if there are two parents at the meet. Be sure to bring chairs and food to the meet and plan on sitting with other Piranhas families! Thank you!

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