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Goodbye for Now to a Piranha!

For almost a decade, a very special young lady has been a part of our program, and has touched the lives of so, so many of us. I've watched her grow from a spunky little age grouper in the Black team, to a talented athlete in the Varsity group, and finally into one of the best leaders I've ever had the privilege of coaching. Her influence and infectious personality has brought smiles to athletes, parents, coaches, and especially myself. You need only glance through our team record book to note the impact this young lady has had upon our team, and her fierce drive to win every time she touches the water will always be something I remember. But more than that is the impact she makes simply because of who she is as a person. She has a heart to both serve and lead, and she truly cares about her Piranha family in a way that sets the standard for what all Piranhas should strive to emulate. The legacy she has left behind will truly be one that impacts generations to come in our Piranha family. And as she begins her next chapter in life as she competes for the San Jose State Spartans, I have no doubt in my mind she will leave a legacy there as well! She certainly never needs to be reminded of this, as it's ingrained on her heart, but from all of us to you, ONCE A PIRANHA, ALWAYS A PIRANHA! We'll miss you, Maddy Grimes. I know we'll see you during your breaks and back home some summers to train, but the pool deck won't be same without you. Always know that you're loved, and should you ever need anything, I can promise you that you've got an entire family here in Sparks that's got your back! Keep kickin butt for the Spartans! We'll be cheering you on from a far! Take care and God bless! Coach Mike

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