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Truckee Meet this Weekend!

I will be sending out the Sign-Up Genius for timing later today! Please sign up right away so we can be ready for the weekend. We will need the most help on Sunday! Thank you in advance for everybody's participation!!!

Please arrive at the meet ready to go 15 minutes before the scheduled warm-up! Here is some information we received from the Truckee coach for this weekend: Weather is trending on the clear but cooler side for this time of year. Expect low 30's to about 8am and then warming up through the day to mid 60's over the weekend. Might be a light flurry of snow briefly Friday morning. There is space outside for tents, and the pool is a 10 lane indoor facility. A camping tent might be better to fit outside the pool than a pop-up tent due to the pine needs on the ground as well as some tall grass. There are a lot of trees to fit in between as well. Tier I includes: White, Yellow, Yellow Advanced, Team Prep

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