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Annual Booster Club Dues

Our Booster Club is the backbone for all Piranhas events and we depend on your membership once a year!

Your $25.00 annual membership fee ($40 for a family) will help support the Banquet Committee, Promotions and Championship meet Committee, Fundraising Committee, Alumni Outreach Committee, and the entire Team Unity Committee with special events such as:

  • Annual Awards Banquet

  • Trophies and awards

  • S.W.A.G. gear for all swimmers and all Championship meets

  • Pancake Breakfast “Piranha-Fest”

  • Coach’s appreciation week

  • State Dinner “spaghetti feed”

  • Team Photos w/memory mate

  • Alumni Dinner

  • Fun Team Unity Events

  • Booster Club Scholarships

  • End of Year Holiday Party

Please note all invoices and sales receipts in April will include the annual booster club dues. If you wish not to be charged or be a part of the Booster Club, please send Kati an e-mail at before April 20th.

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