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Coach's Raffle Baskets for Fall Festival

Our Amazing Coach's and swimmers will be building raffle baskets for this years Fall Festival & State Qualifying Party. Coach's are asking each swimmer to donate one item to their basket. All items are due by Tuesday, October 23rd. Please give your items to either your coach or any Booster Club Committee member. The theme baskets are as follows: Mike’s Basket - "The Big Kahuna" Travel themed basket This can include anything you might see or need to travel or take a vacation. Please get creative! Some Ideas: Hotels.Com or Travel Gift Cards, Alcohol, Southwest, Beach Towels, Beach Bags, Hawaiian items, Sunblock, sunglasses, luggage, and Starbucks is always necessary when you are traveling right? Atsuko’s Basket - "Relax your Mind" Spa themed Basket. This can include gift certificates/cards to local spas as well as items for a Home Spa experience. My personal preference is Lavender. Kate’s Basket- “Cozy Fireplace” This can include things like a mug, Barnes and noble gift card, blanket, fuzzy socks and stuff like that for a warm wintery fall day inside. Brendan’s Basket - "Family Game Night” This can include Boardgames, kid or adult games, Card Games, snacks, dice. Have fun with this one! Nikki’s Basket - “Wolfpack Pride” This can include any Wolfpack gear, merchandise, tickets, mugs, coffee cups, blankets! You name it! Go Pack! Kaitlin’s Basket - “The Gift Card Tree” This can include ANY and ALL Gift Cards from various places! Shopping, Food, Coffee, Travel, etc.

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