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A Note from Coach Mike

A reminder as we begin thinking of Christmas gifts, please keep in mind that all practice suits must be in our team colors (black or gold) - Agon has soooooo many designs and patterns you can choose from and anything is okay as long as it’s black and/or gold. Also, all meet suits must be our official Piranha suit. Tech suits may be any color - I’d suggest blue 70, but Arena also has a good suit. And finally, pools in all parts of this county from Sparks to Reno to Carson are closing for various spans of times. Alfs will be closed in early December, and we are currently working on a practice schedule. We will provide this schedule ASAP. As a casualty in all these pool closures, we will have to reschedule the duel meet with the Tigersharks to sometime in January, and we’ll keep you updated as we learn the new date.

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